Every person and every situation is different.  Our clients are diverse in terms of occupations, interests, and objectives.  But a common thread is a desire to work with a firm that seeks to understand them, and provides a very high level of care.


Most clients retain us as much for our broad planning capabilities as they do for our investment expertise.  For example, we help clients by:

  • Creating tax-smart cash management and investment plans to help them move into retirement with a sense of security.
  • Guiding them through life transition events, such as a sudden loss, a sale of a business, marriage and divorce, or an inheritance.
  • Planning for short or medium term goals, such as a dream vacation, saving for a child's college education, a sabbatical from a career, or a philanthropic gift. 
  • Explaining the pros, cons, risks, and rewards of different types of investments, in a way that they are comfortable with.