Capturing Market Returns

In most asset classes, market forces do a better job of valuing companies than professional money managers.  So, we invest in "asset-class" ETFs (exchange traded funds), designed to capture market returns for our clients.  These funds hold baskets of quality securities at a low cost, as opposed to active managers who attempt to outguess the market through timing techniques at a high cost.

Global Diversification

We typically diversify a portfolio across a variety of domestic and international markets:

  • Fixed Income - U.S. government bonds; Municipal bonds; Foreign bonds
  • U.S. Equities - U.S. Large Cap, Mid-Cap, Small and Micro-Cap; Industry Sectors
  • International Equities - Foreign Large and Small Cap; Country specfic; Emerging markets
  • Alternative Investment - Real Estate, Commodities
  • Diversification around concentrated positions that you may hold


Defined Investment Policy

We help develop an Investment Policy Statement, which provides guidance for managing your investments based on your decisions and directives.  By specifying the purpose of your portfolio, permissible investments, and expectations, we establish a well-conceived, long term investment discipline, rather than one based on emotional reactions to short-term market fluctuations.

Tax Management

We use strategies such as harvesting tax losses to offset future gains, and work with your tax professional to minimize your tax burden.

Portfolio Monitoring

Our portfolio accounting software tracks performance, monitors transactions, and takes advantage of opportunities to add incremental returns through rebalancing and other management techniques.  We also provide you periodic reports, to ensure you understand your investment strategy and performance.