Personal Vision & Goals

  • Explore and clarify your personal and financial goals
  • Quantify and prioritize goals and strategic choices

Cash & Debt Management

  • Analyze cash inflows and outflows
  • Assess current assets and liabilities
  • Design custom cash-management plans

Capital Needs

  • Establish funding needs for living expenses, retirement, education and other costs
  • Test "what if" scenarios to analyze goals and funding strategies


  • Project futures tax liabilities for planning
  • Track cost basis of taxable investments
  • Coordinate financial data with tax preparers


  • Review existing investments
  • Assess risk preferences
  • Recommend custom asset allocation
  • Select investment managers
  • Monitor and report investment performance


Corporate / Small Business Benefits

  • Review stock options, deferred compensation, and other benefit plans
  • Help establish pension and profit-sharing plans

Risk Management

  • Assess personal liability exposure
  • Review existing life, disability, long-term care and property/casualty policies

Estate Planning

  • Review existing estate plan
  • Develop estate planning recommendations

Charitable Giving

  • Develop formal giving plan
  • Research potential recipients and create selection process
  • Identify potential charitable structures
  • Administer gifts